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Organic Chocolate Body Lotion: Organic Chocolate Skin Care Gifts

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neroli orange chocolate mint lotionIf you care about what you put in your mouth, you should be concerned about what you put on your skin. Skin products are directly absorbed into the bloodstream and a growing number of body care products feature healthful, organic ingredients that are entirely beneficial to your skin.

Organic body products means their ingredients are genetically pure, not modified. No harmful pesticides are used and farmers employ sustainable farming practices.

More and more, we’re finding chocolate and cacao making their way into skin care and body products. Not only do you find cocoa butter in lotions and sunscreens, but it’s a central component of many new body care products.

One product,  Neroli Orange & Chocolate Mint Body Lotion 12 fl oz, features certified organic chocolate mint floral water and chocolate mint oil. Certified vegan, this product don’t perform animal testing or use animal by products.

We also like the cruelty free Voluptuous Body Lotion Chocolate Orange 7 fl oz.  In addition to having certified organic cocoa blossom, this product features organic red tea blended with jojoba oil.  It’s packed with richness and antioxidants.

Chocolate Show Time Again: Chocolate For Skin

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chocolate and skin careCBS News provides highlights from the annual New York Chocolate Show, a fascinating chocolate experience whether you are in “the business” or not.  While many of the show’s chocolate offerings are for eating, chocolate or cocoa butter is becoming a more popular ingredient in skin care products.

Here’s what one chocolate business owner has to say about the health benefits of chocolate skin care products.

“Vanessa “Chocolate Girl” Bard, the founder of Gnosis Chocolate Body Care, told Lee that between 60 to 80 percent of what you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream.

“What’s better than putting chocolate on your skin as a way of nourishing yourself?” Bard said. “(Because) chocolate, we all know, (is) extremely high in antioxidants, and minerals, and vitamins, so it turns out you can nourish yourself with chocolate soap.”

Chocolate Show Delights – The Early Show – CBS News.